Welcome to Better Business - the summer 2017 digital edition.

Better Business is a magazine dedicated to the small business community, brought to you by the Small Firms Association. The summer 2017 edition is supported by Permanent TSB.  

This quarter, we shine a light on the insurance cost crisis, which is a pressing concern for many members, and take stock of the various finance options for small business in our access to finance feature. The policy pages contain updates on Brexit and how to prepare your business. In our sector spotlight we speak to members in the taxi industry on regulation, customer service and competing with the big players.

Elsewhere in this edition, we look at the benefits of co-working spaces, speak to serial entrepreneurs about their past, current and future ventures and review the SFA Annual Conference ‘Better than best’. You will find expert advice on building a brand, first aid in the workplace and top tips from our latest lineup of ‘wise guys’.    

Click here to read the digital edition, featuring SFA member companies such as Jones Business Systems, Island Bridge, Vibes & Scribes, Shoot Booth, Wheels Couriers, Dualtron, Celtic Pure, Xpert Taxis, Executive Connections and many more. 

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