Brexit advice

On 13 March, the FSAI is hosting a free seminar on Brexit and the possible impacts from a food law compliance perspective. The seminar will also address the issues of import controls of food. Speakers will be from the FSAI along with other governmental agencies. Register here.


In February, the EU Commission published a notice for food business operators detailing the legal repercussions, which need to be considered when the United Kingdom becomes a third country. This notice is also relevant for food coming from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.


In addition, the UK Government has released information on actions that UK food producers should take before EU exit to ensure that trade can be maintained in a ‘no deal’ scenario, on issues such as, health marks on meat, fish and dairy products, food labelling and producing and processing organic food.

Brexit Preparedness Notices for your industry


The European Commission have several Brexit Preparedness Notices, which aim at preparing citizens and stakeholders for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. The Preparedness Notices set out consequences in a range of policy areas. SFA urges members to read the Preparedness Notice most relevant to their area of work. 

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