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Work Permit and Visa Reform - Trusted Partner Initiative

Under the Trusted Partner Initiative a Person who will make an offer of employment / Employers/Connected Persons and EEA contractors may apply for Trusted Partner status. When Trusted Partner status is granted a unique Trusted Partner Registration Number is assigned. Applicants granted Trusted Partner status will have access to their own suite of employment permit application forms where they must only provide their Trusted Partner Registration number in lieu of all employer details.

Applications by Trusted Partners on the Trusted Partner employment permit applications forms only need to provide details relating to the employment and the foreign national when they are applying for a permit.   The objective of the initiative is to ease the administrative burden on employers/connected persons/EEA contractors in expansion mode and to remove the requirement that they replicate the same employer/connected person information in respect of each employment permit application made for grant or renewal.

The Trusted Partner Initiative will streamline the application process for the person making the offer of employment/employers/connected persons and EEA contractors when applying for Employment Permits. It is open to companies in expansion mode, start-up companies, as well as regular users of the permits regime.

The benefits of the Trusted Partner Initiative are:

  • Fast turnaround of Trusted Partner registration applications: within 2 working days for complete applications
  • Status valid for 2 years
  • No fee
  • Reduced paperwork for every permit applied for under the scheme
  • Shortened employment permit application forms
  • Faster turnaround of Trusted Partner employment permit applications

The Trusted Partner Initiative will extend to all permit types except in the case of Contract for Services Employment Permits where it will only facilitate EEA Contractors.  There are criteria for eligibility. 

For further information on this new initiative please click here.