Radio interview skills with PR guru Ellen Gunning

As a business owner, you should create opportunities to be interviewed on radio, talking about your own business, talking about your industry, commenting as an SFA member and participating in panel discussions.


Every radio interviewer must introduce you by mentioning you and your company – that’s valuable publicity! - and every contribution you make adds to the perception of you as an expert in your area. However, if you get it wrong, the opposite impression will be created.


So, you need to know what you are doing. That's why the SFA and the Irish Academy of Public Relations are offering a one-day practical course on radio interview skills on 31 May in the studios of Dublin city fm. The course will be delivered by PR guru Ellen Gunning.


This course will teach you two important skills:

  • How to be interviewed one-to-one, and be really effective at getting your company message across
  • How to participate in group interviews which enhance your standing as an expert in your field

At €140 per participant, this course is amazing value: one full day of training with a maximum of 12 people in the radio studios of Dublin City fm. Interviews will be conducted by radio journalists and you will leave with your own personal audio to review later at your leisure.


Don't miss it - sign up here.

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