Understanding your requirements for the Employment (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act

The Employment (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act is now in operation and it impacts employers in the following ways:

  1. Employers will need to provide new employees with five core terms of employment within five days of starting their new role. This is referred to as the Day 5 statement.
  2. Zero-hour contracts will be restricted.
  3. Banded hours have been introduced.
  4. The National Minimum Wage rates for younger people and trainees have been simplified and sub-minimum trainee rates have been removed.

In response to this, the Small Firms Association have produced a video webinar that takes you through these changes and covers issues such as:

  • The five core terms that must be issued within five days of an employee starting work
  • What a sample Day 5 statement would look like
  • The consequences of not providing the core terms and four ways that business can meet their contractual obligations and streamline this process
  • What are banded hours
  • How to manage a banded hours request as well as grounds to refuse them
  • The ban on zero hour contracts and alternatives to using them
  • The new wage rates under the National Minimum Wage Act

We have also updated our sample contracts of employment for permanent, temporary and casual working arrangements to factor in these new changes.


You can view the webinar and download our sample contracts of employment here.


If you would like more information on this issue, please contact SFA Executive, Helen Quinn on 01 605 1668 or on helen.quinn@sfa.ie.

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