Business in Ireland 2016 - Small and Medium Enterprises

The CSO recently published its Business Statistics Overview, which outlines the key statistics for the Irish business economy in 2016.


The publication provides answers to many key policy questions such as:

  • the impact of SMEs on the Irish business economy;
  • the impact of foreign owned enterprises;
  • how concentrated is business economy value add creation in Ireland?; and
  • typical survival rates for new enterprises.

Looking at the impact of small enterprises (10-49 employees) on the Irish business economy the report found that:

  • small enterprises accounted for 6.8% of the total number of enterprises;
  • small enterprises accounted for almost 22.2% of total persons engaged in 2016; and
  • small enterprises accounted for 12.2% of Gross Value Added in the business economy in 2016.

The full report is available on the CSO website.

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Business in Ireland 2016 - Small and Medium Enterprises
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