Digital transformation in the small business sector

Digital visionary Colin Chapman focused on how digital technologies are now changing customer and employee engagement, as well as processes and products – with big opportunities for those that can keep up. He emphasised the importance of having a digital strategy and ensuring that it is understood across your organisation.


Aidan Healy, Head of Learning and Development of UnPlug, shared with us his belief that people should take control of their technology instead of technology controlling them. His main argument was that technology itself, if used mindfully, has extraordinary benefits. However, it is the way in which people choose to engage with technology that determines the positive and negative impacts that it has on them and their business. In his presentation he reviewed a number of workplace tech habits as well as social media usage behaviours and he suggested a number of strategies and techniques to increase productivity and facilitate higher quality downtime.


Keith Mahon, founder of, joined Colin and Aidan for a panel discussion. Keith shared with us how the use of technology can transform the user experience for the consumer and drive sales. His emphasis was on providing relevant, value add content to the user before pushing for a sale.


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