Call for submissions on critical skills list etc for employment permits

Twice a year the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) invite representative bodies, employers and other interested parties to submit their input on the eligibility of occupations that are listed on the Critical Skills List and the Ineligible Occupations List for employment permits.


The SFA recently circulated an email inviting our members to submit their input to this and whether they are experiencing a skills shortage for certain occupations.  Specifically, they are looking for examples of the following:

  • Information on skills or labour shortages in your sector / industry
  • How long has your business / sector experienced these shortages?
  • What recruitment efforts have you undertaken both nationally and within the EU?
  • What retention difficulties have you experienced? Is there a cost and if yes how much by?
  • Have you looked into or availed of relevant training incentives?
  • What is the impact of the labour shortage on your business?
  • Has the lack of a specific occupation slowed or halted any plans for expansion? What is the economic impact of this?

They are particularly interested in any measurable data that can support your comments. If you can reference any reports or surveys or cost figures all of this is beneficial.


Previously the SFA has been successful in making changes to these lists which has benefited members and the wider industry, and we would appreciate your feedback on this critical issue again considering we are at full employment and small businesses are experiencing significant recruitment challenges. 


If your business is impacted by a shortage of specific occupations and you have exhausted all attempts to recruit on a national and European level, please send your comments to Helen at by close of business on 10 July. You can read more about this from the email that was circulated recently or on the DBEI website here.


In addition, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have revamped and launched the JobsIreland site where businesses can register their vacancies and the site will automatically identify candidates that best match your job vacancy. They also provide  recruitment advice and a range of supports and services to employers as well as providing access to EURES, the European wide recruitment service. More information on this is available at

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