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Company Summer Social Events
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Company Summer Social Events

During this time of year many employers organise a workplace outing for staff to boost morale and spirit.  An employer needs to be careful and to ensure that company social events are enjoyed safely and in line with good practice.  It is important to remember that the company party is an extension of the working day for the company.  It is still on company time.  Best practice is to send a short memo out prior to the party taking place informing staff that it is a work function and an appropriate standard of conduct is expected. As a work related social event, the Company’s policies e.g. Dignity at Work Policy, Bullying and Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures, Health and Safety Policy and Company Code of Conduct, all apply fully at the annual Summer Social event.  Please be mindful of your obligations with respect to each of the policies concerned.

Members who have specific queries on this matter can contact Aisling Heaton on Tel: 01-605 1668 or email