Deloitte 2018 Irish Human Capital trends report - How to attract and retain talent

For their 2018 report on trends in human capital, Deloitte surveyed over 11,000 business and HR leaders across 140 countries, including 212 leaders from Ireland. The results reveal how business and HR leaders perceive, and are responding to, profound forces that are reshaping our workplaces, workforce and work itself in the 21st century.


Globally, the top trends this year include collaboration, people data, experience-based career models, new communication tools and platforms, and holistic well-being programmes — all of which contribute to the rise of what we call the ‘social enterprise’.


True social enterprises invest in their relationships with workers, customers, communities and society at large to maintain their reputation and relevance. Increasingly, the quality of these relationships is a critical success factor when competing for top talent.


While the trends identified by Irish respondents largely reflect the global findings, there are some differences in emphasis. The report focuses on what Irish organisations need to do to enhance their ability to attract and retain top talent while strengthening their reputation, customer loyalty and profitability.


You can download the report here.

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