Start to Plan voucher – €2,000 for Brexit advice and training

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IntertradeIreland Start to Plan Brexit voucher


A voucher worth up to €2,000 for professional advice and training to assist your business to prepare for Brexit. The voucher offers 100% financial support, no matched investment is required from the company.  

The vouchers can be used for a range of advice services, including:

  • Movement of labour
  • Movement of goods
  • Services
  • Currency management

New: This voucher can also be used to pay for training for you and your staff in areas related to Brexit, e.g. supply chain/market diversification.

You should ensure to get approval from InterTradeIreland for the specific course prior to payment.



InterTradeIreland helps small businesses explore new cross-border markets, develop new products, processes and services and become investor ready. It provides practical cross-border business funding, business intelligence and meaningful contacts to SMEs across the island, North and South, looking to grow their businesses.


Currently, much of the work of InterTradeIreland is focused on assisting companies to prepare for Brexit.



The first step is to fill out the application form available on the InterTradeIreland website.


If availing of professional services, the service provider must be selected from the approved list if you have already selected a provider, this should be included in the application form. Your application will be assessed and you will be informed whether it has been approved. If approved, you will be issued with a Terms of Reference to be completed by the service provider.


If you wish to use your voucher towards training, please contact Mark Sterritt, Brexit Advisory Service Manager on 048 3083 4122 or



If you are interested in applying, don’t forget:

  • The vouchers are specifically for SMEs with up to 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50 million.
  • InterTradeIreland particularly welcomes applications from companies aspiring to do business in Northern Ireland for the first time.
  • More information is available on   


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