Training directly impacts the bottom line and employee engagement


An independent evaluation of Skillnet funded programmes given within the most recent Skillnet Ireland Annual Report shows the wide range of benefits experienced by businesses participating in Skillnet learning networks. 77% of businesses agreed that Skillnet training has enhanced the long-term performance of their business. Furthermore, 73% of businesses reported that Skillnet Ireland training helped improve business processes and/or productivity and enhanced their competitiveness and 72% saw an increase in staff engagement due to training.


Speaking at the launch of the report, Skillnet Ireland Chief Executive, Paul Healy referred to the importance of upskilling across all sectors and urged Irish companies to engage with Skillnet Ireland before Brexit comes into effect.


“The world of work is changing rapidly and as a result, people’s skills are becoming dated more quickly. Employers are often distracted by a myriad of priorities and responsibilities and perhaps don’t always give staff training the emphasis it needs.


Without investing in upskilling and talent strategies, Irish companies could lose their competitive advantage, especially with the challenges posed by Brexit. Economic studies are already showing that low skilled workers will be hit hardest when Brexit comes into effect. So, we would encourage employers to start considering ways to protect their business and staff by providing vital training to ensure they can adapt to the challenges presented by Brexit.”


The report reveals that the number of businesses who accessed training through Skillnet Ireland networks grew by 5% with over 15,000 businesses availing of industry-led, subsidised training. 94% of the member companies that benefited from investment in training through Skillnet Ireland were SMEs.


Download the full report


We will formally announce our first SFA Skillnet training programmes soon. In the meantime, please contact Geraldine Lavin, SFA Skillnet Network Manager, on or 01 605 1606 to discuss any training you would like considered for funding.


The SFA Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.



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