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Absenteeism Due to Inclement Weather Conditions

Some weather conditions have left employers questioning how to handle situations where employees are unable to attend for work due to poor weather conditions or disruption to transport services.  A company policy on absence due to bad or inclement weather should address situations where employees are unable to attend work, or organisations do not have work available, due to weather-related circumstances outside of their control.

Legally, employers do not have to pay employees for days that they do not work. However, it is important to be aware of any custom and practice in the organisation or contractual clause, which may override this position.

Companies may need to examine situations where employees make an effort to come into work and are delayed or have to leave early in order to avail of limited public transport, or where weather conditions deteriorate during the working day.  In certain instances it may be feasible for employees to do a certain amount of work from home rather than having to travel to company site.  Where a site is no longer accessible, employers need to consider the way to communicate this to employees. At all times, safety considerations must be paramount.

For further guidance on this issue and to access a sample policy pertaining to inclement weather and disruption of travel services, please click here.