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The Importance of a Paper Trail in Employment Situations

One of the most simple,avoidable and easy to fix mistakes made by employers of all sizes is the absence of a paper trail. Time and time again employers are faced with situations where the existence of a letter, a signed agreement or an e-mail would instantly resolve an issue.The absence of such written evidence can lead to many problems whether it be defending a case before a third party or in clarifying the employer’s understanding of a temporary arrangement with an employee. In this day and age something as simple as an e-mail can help avoid a serious amount of unrest from developing. There is no quicker way to resolve an issue where cloudy recollections have developed than to produce written clarifications.

Sometimes an employer will occasionally receive requests for some sort of alteration to an employee’s existing contractual arrangements from a staff member and as a good will gesture will accommodate the employee’s request.  However problems can arise when such agreements are not captured in writing and are only agreed verbally.  Taking the few minutes to draft up an agreement or to write a letter to an employee outlining an agreement can save a considerable amount of wasted time, cost and other potential problems in the future.  When managing any issue with an employee - whether it be related to performance, conduct or just an agreement to accommodate a temporary change in working pattern, it is vital to record the details in writing.

Members who may have further questions on this can contact the SFA team on Tel: 01 605 1644/1668.