Electrical contracting and construction sectors pay rates

Last year the Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) for the construction sector was introduced. It streamlined rates of pay for workers in the construction sector and introduced benefits such as sick pay, death in service benefit, a contributory pension and a dispute resolution mechanism.   

Earlier this year, the pay rates for the Construction Sector was revised and they come into effect on 1 October.  


A similar SEO was introduced for the Electrical Contracting sector and these are in effect since 1 September 2019. Below we detail the new and changed pay rates for both sectors and go through the main items in each of them.  


What types of workers are detailed in the Construction SEO? 


Construction workers who are directly employer or hired via an employment agency 


  • Craftsperson aged 18 and over carrying out work as follows: Bricklayers, Stone Layers, Carpenters, Joiners, Floor Layers, Plasterers, Painters, Stone Cutters, Wood Machinists, Slaters and Tilers 

  • Category A Worker aged 18 and over with 4 or more years’ experience carrying work out as follows: Scaffolders, Banksmen, Steel Fixers, Crane Drivers and Heavy Machine Operators 

  • Category B Workers aged 18 and over with 2 or more years’ experience working as Skilled General Operatives in the construction sector 

  • New Entrant Workers aged 18 and over who have under 2 years’ experience working as a General Operative in the construction sector for the first time 

  • Apprentice aged 15 and over 


What are the new rates of pay for Construction workers that apply from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020? 


Worker Type 

Pay rate 


€19.96 per hour 

Category A worker 

€19.37 per hour 

Category B worker 

€17.97 per hour 

New Entrant 



Year 1 – 33.3% of Craft rate 

Year 2 – 50% of Craft rate 

Year 3 – 75% of Craft rate 

Year 4 – 90% of Craft rate 

What types of workers are detailed in the Electrical Contracting SEO? 


Electricians who are directly employed or hired via an employment agency 


  • Category 1 Worker who is a newly qualified Electrician 

  • Category 2 Worker who is a qualified Electrician with 3 or more years’ experience  

  • Category 3 Worker who is a qualified Electrician with 6 or more years’ experience  

  • Apprentice aged 15 and over  


What are the rates of pay for Electricians which apply from 1 September 2019? 


Worker Type 

Pay rate 

Category 1 worker 


Category 2 worker 


Category 3 worker 



Year 1 – €7.05 per hour 

Year 2 – €10.57 per hour 

Year 3 – €15.27 per hour 

Year 4 – €18.80 per hour 


What is the normal working week and normal working hours under each SEO? 

The normal working week is 39 hours from Monday to Friday. 


The normal hours are eight consecutive hours between 7am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 7am to 4pm on Friday. 


Will I have to pay more for additional / unsocial hours under each SEO? 

Yes, the following overtime rates apply: 


  • Monday to Friday from normal finishing time to midnight = time plus a half 

  • Monday to Friday from midnight to normal starting time = double time 

  • Saturday (1) first 4 hours from normal starting time = time plus a half 

  • Saturday (2) all subsequent hours until midnight = double time 

  • Sunday – all hours worked = double time 

  • Public holidays – all hours worked = double time plus an additional day’s leave 


In addition, for the Electrical Contracting sector, there is a section whereby for specific projects that differ from the normal daily working hours, the following rates must be applied: 


  • Where the starting time is before 1pm = 8 hours at time plus one quarter 

  • Where the starting time is after 1pm = 8 hours at time plus one third 


What other benefits are provided for in each SEO? 

The SEOs set out details for the contributory pension scheme, the death in service contribution and sick pay scheme.  Finally, both SEOs set out the dispute resolution procedure to handle any grievances or collective disputes that must be followed before employees can go on strike or undergo any other form of industrial action.  


Details of both SEOs can be found here and we recommend you review the SEO for your sector.   


For further information on SEOs or other pay issues, please contact Helen Quinn on helen.quinn@sfa.ie or 01 605 1668. 




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