Invitation for comments on the consultation on seasonal clock changes

SFA members are invited to submit their views and opinions to form part of the SFA submission to the consultation on seasonal clock changes. The purpose of the public consultation is to gather information and views on ending the seasonal clock changes and whether we favour staying on summer or winter time.

  • Choosing summer time means brighter evenings, with darker mornings in the winter than we currently experience.
  • Choosing winter time means brighter mornings, with darker evenings in the summer than we currently experience.

It is important to acknowledge that if the UK were to adopt a different position, this would present particular challenges for the island of Ireland. Any position adopted by Ireland will be informed by this important consideration.


Following an EU-wide public consultation to gather citizens’ views on the seasonal clock changes, the EU Commission has concluded that the majority of people who responded are in favour of abolishing the twice-yearly clock change and have put forward a proposal to give effect to this. Further details on the proposal, together with the arguments for and against changing, are available at: EU summer time arrangements - what is it about?


This consultation asks three important questions:

  • Do you want to stop changing the clocks twice a year?
  • If the clock changes stop, do you want to remain on summer time or winter time?
  • What would your opinion be if this proposal were to give rise to different time zones between Ireland and Northern Ireland?

SFA is keen to hear from members on this issue, as your views and opinions will help us draft our submission. Members are asked to submit their views or opinions to no later than close of business on 27 November 2018.

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