Finding and attracting the right people is one of the biggest challenges for members of the SFA and the wider small business community right now. Small businesses worry that they cannot compete against larger companies for staff in terms of pay and benefits. The employment market is almost at full capacity with unemployment at 5.3% and wages have been increasing since 2016. Small businesses are experiencing growth but are constrained by rising costs and increased competitiveness.


These factors make recruitment challenging for the small business community as they need to rapidly expand but are often time poor. The extreme of this challenge is that small businesses cannot grow as they lack the necessary staff to scale up and meet customer demands. In response to this recruitment crisis, the SFA developed the Grow, Scale, Succeed platform to equip small businesses with some recruitment resources.


Why not check out our three video case studies who share their recruitment tips and strategies. Justina Gavin of Drumanilra Farm shares how Facebook not only helped them source new staff but it also increased their business profile at the same time. She also shares the benefits of using government employment agencies if your business is on a tight budget. PJ Timmons explains how psychometric testing can help you avoid a bad hire and help you in the interview process with those all important questions and Jimmy Sheehan of Contracting Plus shares how hiring contractors can save your business time and money if you need someone fast.


You can listen to our podcast whilst on the go where we share 5 tips for creating an impactful job description and get the right hire for your business. We also have a section on GDPR and recruitment, the benefits of hiring part time employees and much more at


If you have any specific concerns or questions please contact Helen on 01 605 1668 or at or visit the advice section on our website .

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