Do you use a UK Notified Body?

If you currently ‘CE’ mark your product under EU rules, you will still be required to do so post-Brexit, as pre-existing EU rules will still apply within Ireland.


The EU Commission has advised that all EU product suppliers, who currently rely on a UK Notified Body for certification of conformity to support their product declaration for CE marking purposes, must obtain these services from an alternative EU Notified Body to ensure unhindered access to the EU market post-Brexit.


If your business currently relies on a UK Notified Body, you need to either:

  • Transfer your files from your UK Notified Body to an EU-27 Notified Body.
  • Obtain a new certificate which has been issued by an EU-27 Notified Body.
  • You should find out whether your UK Notified Body has established itself in an EU-27 Member State as some UK Notified Bodies have relocated to the EU-27. 
  • If they have not established themselves in an EU Member State, please consult the EU 'NANDO' website to find an EU Notified Body. The EU 'NANDO' website is a database of all the EU Notified Bodies that can carry out conformity assessment under EU product legislation.


Post- Brexit, the UK also intends to roll out an equivalent to CE marking, called 'UKCA' marking, which will be required instead of CE marking in order to access the UK market post-Brexit.


More information on CE marking, conformity can be found at:

As you ramp up your contingency plans, SFA is here to help. Please get in touch if you would like to talk to our policy expert, or HR professional or if you have any other queries or comments.

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