SFA Skillnet – Leaders Round Table and Online Programme

Only three seats remain on the SFA Skillnet flagship course – the SFA Skillnet leaders’ round table programme – commencing on the 11th December, with three monthly half-day follow up sessions. Led by the esteemed Brian F. Smyth, this course has been designed specifically for small businesses as a unique business development programme for leaders and senior managers who want to take their business to a new performance level.


The programme will be workshop based, presenting an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, as well as helping you to think in more creative ways so that you can achieve real breakthroughs on the issues, challenges and opportunities of most importance to your business. This creates the necessary environment for embedding long-term learning, sustainable behaviour change and concrete business results.


For more information on the Leaders’ Roundtable Programme contact Tillie Keogh, phone 01 605 1695 or email tilliem.keogh@sfa.ie.


Online training programmes


SFA Skillnet are running a set of exciting online training programmes this winter in partnership with Maybe International. These programmes have been expertly designed to help small business owners and managers to tackle specific performance issues, such as unsatisfactory performance amongst employees to handling feedback, by giving them the necessary toolkit to overcome them.


There are six online training courses available, covering a range of topics:


1. Initiating Performance Conversations

  • In this course you will be introduced to three different conversation approaches, so that you will be equipped to deal with any given situation – making the conversation easier, clearer and much more effective.

2. Integrating Work and Life

  • This course will help you and your team to a new understanding of work and the part it can play in the totality of a person’s life. It will deal with the falls clash that can exist between work and the rest of our lives, a perceived conflict which damages and limits both.

3. The Gap between Performance and Potential

  •  This course will help managers appreciate and realise the gap between the performance of people and their real, often hidden potential.

4. Handling Feedback

  • This course will help managers deal with gaps in perspective or viewpoints when handling conversations or unsatisfactory performance, by introducing them to a process that will get them and the other person into the same place – a place of positivity, change and improvement.

5. Un(b)locking Performance and Greatness

  • While we all know that we and our people are not realising our full potential, we don’t understand the reasons behind this. Nor do we know what to do about it. In this course you will learn why and how this happens so that you can discover how you, or the organisation, might be inadvertently blocking people from realising more of their potential. The benefits from doing this will be enormous.

6. The Factors behind Unsatisfactory Performance

  • This course will help you develop a deeper understanding of the drivers behind unsatisfactory behaviour or performance of a person and so enable you to give the person real help. It will also give you the clues and the pointers to find out what is really going on with the person with unsatisfactory performance.


Programme Format


These programmes are delivered exclusively online, offering participants a large degree of flexibility – as they can be completed anywhere, at any time – suiting the needs of your business.


The courses could be completed in roughly one hour. However, we recommend that they are taken over the course of one week to allow you to reflect on learning, check your understanding and strategically apply what you have learnt.




The online programmes are competitively priced:


SFA Member & SFA Skillnet Member Rate     €65

Non-Member Rate                                           €85

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