Wellness week – easy tips to bring wellness into your workplace

National Workplace Wellbeing Day takes place this year on Friday, 13 April and for those businesses taking part, this could turn out to be a lucky day for some. This is the fourth year that Ibec is running this initiative and over 500 businesses were involved in 2017. It is not too late to join in here and bring a little wellness into your workplace.


Even if your business cannot take part on 13 April, many businesses run a variety of workplace wellness initiatives throughout the year. They are cost effective and can be a great way of increasing employee engagement and wellbeing.


We share the top 10 Workplace Wellbeing Activities that businesses have done in previous years. Hopefully these will give you an idea of what to introduce into your workplace:


1.Lunchtime mile (walk, jog, run, cycle)

Many businesses organise lunchtime walks or other fitness activities. It could be as simple as asking someone who is passionate about running to set up a weekly or fortnightly run and see who else would like to join in. The focus of this year’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day is the lunchtime mile walk.


2.Healthy eating initiatives
This could be a healthy cookery class, a morning healthy breakfast or replacing high fat and high sugar foods with healthier alternatives.


3.Fruit bowls
Some businesses have opted to replace the biscuit tin with fruit bowls for internal and external meetings.


4.Mindfulness/yoga for staff
There are numerous holistic practitioners around the country that could offer a once off or short weekly programme to your staff on meditation, yoga and much more. Check out https://holisto.com/ which is Ireland’s largest directory of holistic practitioners.


5.Health screening
Many businesses offer a variety of health screening programmes that can range from blood pressure checks right through to a full health screening. They can be an excellent means of detecting and preventing larger medical issues down the line.


6.Nutrition talks
Another favourite of many companies is to invite a nutritionist to come in and give tips on healthy eating and how to change long standing poor eating habits.


7.Promotion of Bike to Work scheme

A lot of businesses are promoting the Bike to Work scheme to improve fitness and minimise those stressful rush hour traffic jams. You can find out more about the Bike to Work scheme at https://www.biketowork.ie/


8.Pilates/on-site massage
Some businesses operate a wellness day where a pilates or other instructor comes in and gives a class. Others have a massage therapist come on-site and offer chair massage to employees for a 15-minute session. It can be a great way to increase wellbeing and feel pampered.


9.Mental health talks
Organisations such as Aware or Mental Health Ireland offer training within the workplace to educate and bring awareness of mental health issues. Another service offering that is growing is sending interested employees to mental health first aid training which you can find out more about at https://www.mhfaireland.ie/what-is-mental-health-first-aid


Some businesses have started introducing smoothies in to the workplace. If it is practical, why not invest in a smoothie maker?


For further information on introducing wellness in to your workplace or if you have any other HR issues, please contact Helen Quinn on helen.quinn@sfa.ie or 01 605 1668.

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