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Workplace Dress Code during the Summer Months

If your employee’s workplace summer attire starts looking more like a day at the seaside than a day at the office, it may be time to re-enforce your dress code. Most company dress codes require employees to avoid ‘sins of skin’ and may, for example, prohibit garments that expose too much flesh, bare shoulders, flip flops, and open toed shoes like sandals. However, unusually hot temperatures may cause employees to forget the usual rules. For this reason it may be helpful to provide employees with a friendly reminder of the organisation’s dress code and the dos and don’ts of summer work attire.  You can do this by introducing/ reviewing a workplace dress code policy. 

Companies have reputations, images and health and safety regulations to uphold at all stages throughout the year therefore it is important that dress codes are adhered to.

Members who have specific queries on this matter can contact Aisling Heaton on Tel: 01-605 1668 or email