Guide to sourcing new employees to combat those recruitment struggles

In our last article we launched our Grow, Scale Succeed campaign which has been developed to help small businesses find and keep the right people. In this article we share a guideline that helps small business source new employees.


The guide details a four-step process in recruiting new employees from understanding your target audience, how to identify where you can reach your target audience, ensuring your recruitment message is clear to attract new candidates and the importance of a recruitment process.


The guide offers a comprehensive list of recruitment resources that are specific to a wide range of sectors. This includes job websites and publications for professional roles, the not for profit sector, retail, the tech sector and much more. The process section will help you develop and understand the need to see if your recruitment search is yielding you the results you need or whether you should go back to the drawing board.


If you find that your current recruitment search is not working out for you then visit the recruitment section of our Grow, Scale, Succeed online platform and download the guide today.


In the meantime if you have any specific concerns or questions please contact Helen on 01 605 1668 or at or visit the advice section on our website.

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