New 2020 .IE Domain Profile Report

According to the recently published “2020.IE Domain Profile Report”, new .ie domain registrations peaked in May of last year, 6 weeks after the closure of nonessential retail. Other findings of the report include:  

  • 65,113 new .ie domains registered in 2020, the highest increase since the inception of the Irish domain registry  
  • New .ie domain registrations increased year-on-year in every county in Ireland for the first time ever  
  • Pandemic and health-related keywords common in new .ie web addresses: uses of “mental health” and “counselling” increased 105% year-on-year  
  • General health-related keywords, such as “doctor”, “pharmacy”, and “fitness”, increased 92% year-on-year 
  • 315 .ie domains containing the word “mask” or “facemask” were registered in 2020 compared to just 6 in 2019; 61 containing the word “remote” (e.g. remote work) were registered in 2020 compared to 5 in 2019.  

The Central Bank of Ireland now recognises new .ie registrations as a forward indicator of economic health. While new company start-ups fell in 2020 because of the pandemic, this report indicates that entrepreneurs and new businesses are taking a digital-first approach and ensuring they secure their preferred online identity with a .ie domain before they register their company. A local .ie web address has therefore been a lifeline, a way to mitigate the worst effects of the physical lockdown. It has advantageously positioned many businesses for a more digitally integrated post-Covid-19 economy.


Read the 2020 .IE Domain Profile Report in full.  

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