Online return to work training from Skillnet Ireland and Retail Ireland Skillnet

The Return to Work Safely Protocol is a critical component of the Government’s Roadmap which very clearly sets out the steps that businesses and workers need to take to ensure that they can return to work safely. Skillnet Ireland’s ReBound initiative aims to upskill small business owners and managers to ensure they are well equipped to take on this challenge.


By registering for ReBound small firms will receive a combination of webinar training on implementing the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol and mentoring to help them create and implement a bespoke Return to Work Safely Plan. The scheme is available to 3,000 Irish SMEs and Irish enterprises so don't delay and register today.


For members working in the retail, tourism and hospitality sector Retail Ireland Skillnet’s online return to work course will guide workers through the national protocol that is in place for returning to work safely to ensure the protection of staff, customers and other visitors as well as reducing the potential spread of Covid-19. It will also guide users to access vital resources for the safe return to work such as checklists for employers and employees, Covid-19 response plan templates, templates for contact logging and dealing with a suspected case, as well as many others.


The course covers all the key areas of the protocol relevant to the retail, hospitality and tourism sector: 

  • Steps for returning to work – with particular responsibilities outlined for employers, employees and appointed lead worker representatives. 
  • Symptoms of Covid-19 
  • Dealing with a suspected case of Covid-19 in the workplace 
  • Prevention and control measures – responsibilities outlined for both employees and employers in relation to hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, cleaning, physical distancing and first aid 
  • Customer facing roles 
  • Mental health and wellbeing 
  • Further advice for employers and workers – Links to all the key resources required for the safe return to work.

The course can be completed entirely online by learners in approximately 30 minutes and a Retail Ireland Certificate of Achievement is available for download upon completion. Learners are asked to submit a self-declaration as part of the course which assists employers’ in their compliance requirements.


This course cannot act as a standalone induction for employees in returning to work as this must be conducted on an individual workplace basis, however it does equip learners with the knowledge and understanding of what their responsibilities are in returning to work safely and what is expected of them following the Covid-19 restrictions.


For information about this course please get in touch with Retail Ireland on 0749176853 or email  

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