Government Launches 10-Year Enterprise Plan

On Thursday, 12th November, the Government launched it's 10-year whole of enterprise policy, "Enterprise 2025", which you can read here.

The SFA welcomed the publication which we had inputted into last November with a series of member focus groups. The strategy is ambitious, but deliverable. It is vital for Ireland's future growth that the actions therein are implemented.

We particularly welcomed the fact that the strategy recognises that excelling at the basics, such as access to finance, supportive taxation policies, maintaining cost competitiveness and investing in infrastructure to support business are critical. These are the foundations on which we can and will achieve greater numbers of start-ups, who have better survival rates, export more and scale to create more jobs.

We plan to build on this policy document by developing a clear vision for the future from a small business perspective.

This is why we are holding three focus groups next week (23 and 24 November) to get members’ input on:

  • The number one action that would make small businesses better
  • The most important supports needed at each stage in the business lifecycle (start-up, growth, maturity, sale)
  • The main opportunities and barriers that exist for small businesses in Ireland
  • How to shift our culture to one supportive of entrepreneurship and risk-taking

The facilitated discussion will give you an opportunity to share your ideas and experiences on everything from business costs to education, skills and talent, from finance to attracting new customers and exporting.

We also welcome your input by email by Tuesday, 24 November to or tel: 01-6051602.

Visit our website to get the full details of the focus groups and to register.

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