Support for paying electricity and gas bills launched

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities has decided to implement a temporary supply suspension scheme for non-domestic customers impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. Any customer who avails of the scheme will have no energy or network charges billed for their business premises supply point for the duration that the measure is in place. In effect, the consumption for their supply point would be estimated at zero and their fixed network charges will be suspended.


To avail of the scheme customers will engage with their supplier to complete an application form. The supplier must get the consent of the customers to apply to the relevant network operator to have the measure applied to their supply point. This scheme is voluntary; suppliers are not required to offer it to their customers.


It is important to note that the CRU’s definition of SME relates to energy use and energy tariff type and not personnel numbers. More information about the scheme and eligibility can be found here.

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