Public consultation on Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect

In January, the SFA made a submission to the Workplace Relations Commission’s public consultation on the introduction of Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect.


The Association is of the view that any legislative intervention on working time as part of the policy response to make remote working a permanent option for life after the pandemic is likely to bring unhelpful rigidity to an increasingly flexible world of work. This flexibility is also highly prized by employees and often strongly supported by other government initiatives.


Where concerns arise about excessive working hours or disproportionate reliance on digital devices, SFA recommends, in the first instance, a raising of awareness of existing legal remedies and the promotion of workplace culture that embraces a balanced and flexible approach to working time.


Therefore, a Code of Practice that reflects the existing protections which are in place, encourages a partnership approach between employers and employees, raises awareness and provides guidance on working time or disproportionate reliance on digital devices is a welcome mechanism to address these issues rather than legislation.


The full submission can be read here.  

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