€35,000 grant to help improve your business process

There are over 80 different government supports available to small businesses but many of them are not well known or understood. Each week in the SFA e-zine, we will profile a different support that could improve your business, giving you information and advice.

EI Business Process Improvement Grant


A grant of up to €35,000 for a short to medium-term company project designed to develop management capability and drive company efficiencies and business process improvements.


The grant can be used to support one of the following projects:

  • Lean Plus – medium term projects which will result in sustained use of Lean techniques and will achieve measurable gains in company capabilities and cost competitiveness.
  • E-Marketing Improvements – projects aimed at enhancing your company’s capability to use the internet as an effective channel for business development.
  • Green Plus – projects designed to drive environmental efficiencies and achieve improved sustainability.


Eligible costs include the cost of hiring external consultants/trainers and the cost of an internal company project champion/manager.



Ireland compares poorly to other developed countries in terms of management practices and Irish domestic firms lag 20% behind multinationals.


The Business Process Improvement Grant is specifically aimed at projects that develop the knowledge and skills of the company’s management team.



To be eligible for the grant, the company must be an Enterprise Ireland client or potential client (see criteria here). The company must be trading for at least five years and be engaged in manufacturing or an eligible internationally traded service.


The process is not competitive and there are no closing dates for applications. Companies can apply on a rolling basis through the Enterprise Ireland Online Application System. Existing Enterprise Ireland clients should contact their EI Adviser before applying. First time applicants are required to register before applying.



If you are interested in applying, don’t forget:

  • Improvement projects must address a clear business need and deliver a positive impact on the business.
  • The maximum level of grant support is 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum grant of €35,000.
  • Any expenditure incurred prior to the receipt of the application by the Enterprise Ireland Client Service Unit will not be eligible.
  • Enterprise Ireland maintains lists of suitable consultants and trainers under the three headings. Companies are not obliged to select consultants/trainers from these lists but they will be asked to demonstrate that their selected partner is qualified and has previously carried out similar projects successfully.
  • More information can be found here.
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