New EU-funded digital training initiative

Digital skills are not only required in the ICT sector, but increasingly across all sectors. For students and recent graduates, temporary work placements are a unique chance to develop digital skills and improve their job prospects. The Digital Opportunity Traineeships initiative is designed to bring sustainable benefits to both businesses and job seekers.

Why should companies be interested?

Many companies are struggling to find candidates with digital skills that match the demands of the modern workplace. This means that vacancies remain unfilled, despite high unemployment in some parts of Europe. Furthermore, many companies – from small businesses to large corporations – simply do not have the capacity to train students on the job or have the resources or time to organise internships programmes on their own. The Digital Opportunities Traineeship is designed to address these concerns.

Businesses already hosting trainees within Erasmus+ will find that the initiative does not impose any additional burdens or costs on the business – the European Commission will pay the interns a monthly compensation of €500. Traineeships are considered one of the more effective ways of bringing on board skilled employees.

How can companies get involved?

Companies can publish their internship/traineeship offers on the platforms Drop’pin@EURES or ErasmusIntern. Companies that publish their offers on Drop’pin@EURES or ErasmusIntern should choose the ‘Digital Opportunity’ category on both platforms. To publish their offers on the platforms companies need to register as employers on both websites.

Any questions?

Get in touch with the project co-ordinator in Ireland, Patricia Kearns, at or consult the Q&A section on the project website.

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