UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement

The Brexit trade deal provides a strong platform for a future positive economic relationship between the EU and the UK.


The Agreement covers many areas of trade and includes an SME chapter. The Agreement commits to providing SMEs with clear and accessible online information about the deal, helping them to trade and do business in each Party’s jurisdiction. This covers customs procedures, intellectual property rights, and public procurement. The Agreement commits each Party to provide for a searchable online database, on measures such as customs duties, taxes, and rules of origin. The Agreement also establishes a framework that will allow the Parties to work together to increase opportunities for SMEs and to report on their activities.


While the Agreement is a welcome relief for Irish business, The SFA is conscious that the trading conditions for small firms with our nearest neighbour will be very different, involving complex customs procedures and more costly transport options. New arrangements with the UK will also impact on services trade and there is much that remains to be clarified. The SFA continues to be here to help and support members at this time of transition. If you have any questions or queries on Brexit please contact


Guidance on Transfers of Personal Data from Ireland to the UK 

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) have issued updated guidance on EU-UK personal data transfers. The UK DPC (ICO) have also updated their information on data flows.


Data can continue to flow EU-UK without SCCs for no more than the next 6 months (in which time the EU & UK hope to deliver an adequacy decision as a long-term solution). The SFA believe this is positive but we will need to see a robust EU-UK adequacy decision delivered as agreed by both sides. The alternative is that firms would need to use alternative safeguards such as SCCs as previously advised. Therefore, small firms’ efforts to date on SCCs are not a wasted effort.

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