Greater supports for small firms needed to get local economies Brexit ready

In advance of the Local Elections on Friday, 24 May 24 the SFA has, today, launched a new policy paper entitled‘Getting Local Economies Brexit Ready’.


Getting Local Economies Brexit Ready highlights, the growing concern amongst small business that not enough is being done by local authorities to address the continued competitiveness erosion of our towns and villages or to help local small businesses address the uncertainty of Brexit.


The SFA is calling for local authorities and candidates in the 2019 local elections to:

  • Ensure local authorities are Brexit ready
  • Progress on local authority and commercial rates reform
  • Framework for Town Centre Renewal to be adopted by all local authorities
  • Local authorities to work alongside government to deliver key infrastructure projects including broadband
  • Continued support and investment for green initiatives

We encourage you to access both the press statement and a pdf copy of 'Getting Local Economies Brexit Ready


Ibec recently launched a major European Parliament election campaign


The key campaign priorities are:

  • The elections are an opportunity to strengthen Ireland’s influence in the European Parliament, in its political parties and on its policy committees;
  • The EU remains a model of global co-operation, but further progress is required in the areas of digitalisation and global trade;
  • A deepening of the Single Market will open new economic opportunities and drive job creation;
  • The EU should continue to advance ambitious, balanced trade agreements with its partners. This should include a comprehensive and ambitious future trading relationship with the UK post-Brexit, in addition to closer trading and investment partnerships with the US and China; and
  • The next European Parliament must work to deliver a sustainable economic future for Europe by supporting carbon-reduction goals that are ambitious, achievable, cost-effective and do not leave business or citizens behind.

The SFA joins Ibec’s call for action that encourages members and citizens to:

  • Find out more about the European Parliament and how its decisions impact your business and your jobs;
  • Tell the candidates how creating the right conditions for business can improve living standards, generate tax revenues, and lead to new jobs;
  • And inform your employees of the benefits that the EU provides for your business;
  • Encourage voting.

Members can access both the press statement and a pdf copy of Ibec’s European Parliament elections 2019 campaign via this link.

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