Information for Exporters

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation is conducting business outreach to raise awareness amongst exporters of their obligations to comply with export controls. 


Exports subject to controls include:  

  • Dual-use items (products and components, including software and technology, that can be used for both civil and military purposes),  

  • Military equipment,  

  • Firearms for personal, civilian use (e.g. for hunting or sport), 

  • Goods which may be used for capital punishment, torture, or other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment,  

  • Exports to countries subject to EU trade sanctions. 

Most dual-use items can move freely within the EU. However, a licence is required to export them to a third country (i.e. outside the EU). Very sensitive items, such as nuclear materials, require a transfer licence for movement within the EU. A licence is required for transfers of military equipment within the EU, as a well as for export to a third country (i.e. outside the EU). There are corresponding controls in place for brokering of these goods and for providing technical assistance related to these goods.  


Note: Export controls may apply not only to physical goods, but also to software, information and other services. 


Note: The method of transport outside Ireland doesn’t determine whether an export has taken place or is subject to controls. An export can be made in many ways, including a physical shipment, normal post, delivery by hand, download or email. 


The range of dual use controlled items is very broad and spans 10 categories:  

  • Category 0 Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment  

  • Category 1 Special materials and related equipment  

  • Category 2 Materials processing  

  • Category 3 Electronics  

  • Category 4 Computers  

  • Category 5 Telecommunications and “information security”  

  • Category 6 Sensors and lasers  

  • Category 7 Navigation and avionics  

  • Category 8 Marine  

  • Category 9 Aerospace and propulsion Many ICT products, both hardware and software (e.g. data storage, networking, cybersecurity), are classified as dual-use items by virtue of the fact that they incorporate strong encryption for security purposes. Products for aerospace applications (e.g. drones, planes, rockets) can also be controlled when there is a risk of diversion to weapon delivery systems. 

More detailed information is available here: 


Please read through the above information if your product might fall into any of the above categories. 


Please contact to discuss any aspect in greater detail. 


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